Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays & Goodbyes...=)/=(

On another note, my friend Shauna threw her 2-year-old, Sophia, a birthday party on Saturday. Jax and I went while Trey stayed with my Nana & Gramps to continue painting the house. The birthday party also kind of served as a going away party for the Grace family as well. In November, her husband, Cory, joined the navy and they are moving on Monday to Oak Harbor, Washington for 3 YEARS! Shauna is truly my only friend in Louisville. She was the first person I met here and we instantly connected! We spent most of our summer days at the pool with our children and we had so much in common. Our kids really enjoyed each other as well! I am going to be SO sad once they're gone. Even though they're only going to be gone for 3 years, when they move again, it will have to be somewhere near another navy base which is still far away from here. =( I already miss Cory, Shauna, Hayden, and Sophia and am awaiting their first trip back home! (They better call me when they come in! ha!)

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