Sunday, June 5, 2011

We have had a GREAT Sunday today in the bluegrass. Church this morning was AWESOME and just what I needed to hear. It just may have been one of the best sermons I've heard. It was about growing your faith and having faith in God = good stuff! Vague, I know, but I couldn't begin to share any of it with you because I couldn't do the message justice! After church, we came home to relax and hang out with the kiddos. I am so thankful for my little ones...sometimes I truly feel as if my heart could BURST because it is so full/happy!!!
And please excuse the crazy color in this pic. Elle's room is HOT PINK and I'm poor and don't own a fancy-schmancy camera so sometimes this happens...ugh. It was the one sweet moment I got of the two of them before they noticed me and started paying attention to the camera and I didn't want to delete it.
This is usually how pics. turn out because she wants me to pick her up...spoiled rotten much?!?! I think so!;-) Jax is like, "Uhm, Mom?!?! Can you get her, please?!?!" He is so sweet and patient with her = BEST BIG BRO. EVER! This little gal doesn't know how good she has it yet! He LOVES her!

These are from last week when Trey took Jax on a father/son outing to the Senior PGA Tour. My sweet boy LOVED the 1/1 time with his Daddy.=) I love them!

I'll leave you all (hello?!?! Mom?!?! lol) with a few pics from this past weekend of my two tiny loves...Ella Bella is army crawling like a CHAMP, but still won't crawl the real way! ha! She is something else...Jax tries to teach her, but she just does her own frustrates him! lol Oh, well...maybe this means she won't be a follower when she grows up! haha!