Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So goes life....

Hey!!! It's been a while, I know, but I have a good excuse. My little wildcat (OF COURSE I'm talking about Elle...how did you know?!?! ;-) RUINED my MacBook - as in it is no longer working...at all! Sigh. Long story short, we thought a drink was out of reach for her, but she figured out a way to reach it. I don't guess I need to spell out for you what happened next, but for those of you who might have a hard time reading between the lines, it. DIED. I am using the iPad for now and I. Am. NOT. A. Fan. Lol No, I do not own an iPhone. I still use a blackberry and it suits me fine. I can't stand the touch screen and accidentally hitting the wrong button every single time gets old real quick! I guess you could say I was a little spoiled with the Mac, but it was just that awesome. RIP
ANYWAY, I will spare you all of the details about all of the many thousands of pictures that were lost...ones that were VERY near and dear to my heart. Oh, and so that you don't worry, Elle is still alive and well. ;-) Seriously, I'm having to piece all of my memories back together from the very small percentage that I had on Facebook. Oh well...that's life!
Once I figure out how to add pictures from the iPad to the blog, I will get another post up. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later! Wish me luck!!!