Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a BUSY Halloween this year...trunk-or-treat with the church, trick-or-treating in costumes around Jaxon's school, and trick-or-treating with friends around our neighborhood! We had a blast and wound up with a ton of candy! Lucky for Daddy & I, Jax doesn't do anything with peanut butter/peanuts (weird kid, I know!!!) so we even got some goodies! ;-) We paint pumpkins at the Perkins house instead of carving. Those carving kits are so cheap...we always end-up breaking them anyway, so we just paint! Mama is able to get more creative with the paint!

Last year, Jax dressed up as Mario so we had a Luigi pumpkin. Sister had a baby pumpkin...a pacifier and big, pink bow completed the look. Here they were for Halloween 2009:

This year, Jaxon was Toad from Super Mario Bros. and Elle was a sweet little watermelon! Jax opted for a Mario pumpkin (this kid knows how to milk a death! haha!) and baby sister got a sweet black kitty. Here are my littles this year for Halloween 2011:

Here they are with their pumpkins before trick-or-treating:

Sister was in a LOVELY mood. I was going to make her pumpkin a know, to match her Halloween shirt with the witch's hat...I'm thinking that would've been more appropriate! ;-)

I love these two!!!

Just for kicks, here are some pics. from Jaxon in his first few Halloween costumes:

a sweet little lion!

a rotten little skunk!

our silly little monkey!

That's right, Troy P.!!!! My hubby is a BIG Steeler's fan. =) Check out this hair! (no, that is not a little girl under's my sweet boy with a wig that I found to complete the look!)
we also had this costume that year:
one can't have too many Halloween costumes! lol

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!!!!


We bleed blue around these parts...even when we are just miles from Papa John's Cardinal Stadium...we. bleed. blue. lol Jax loves him some cats!

Good thing he looks good in blue...Daddy says he doesn't have a choice! ;-)

I Can't Imagine Me Without You

Trey and I celebrated our anniversary on October 10, 2011.

I truly am living my real life fairytale with this man...he is so wonderful and so much more than I ever could have imagined my future husband to be. I am so blessed that he is the one God has chosen for me to navigate through life with!!! He is such a wonderful provider for our family, he cooks, he cleans, and he PLAYS with his children!!! He speaks my love languages so well! lol

We had our wedding singer sing "Imagine Me Without You" by Jaci Velasquez and all these years later, I still can't imagine me without you!!! I love you!!! Happy anniversary, Trey!

Elle is a "WILD ONE"

Ellasyn McKay celebrated her first birthday on 9.9.11. We have VERY small first birthday parties...immediate family only. For the occasion, Elle wore a pink/black zebra outfit and it was so cute! We decided on the "WILD ONE" theme because this girl is just that...WILD. ha! She received so many gifts and is SO loved by her family!

And yes...I desperately need curtains in my dining room...desperately. I'm SUPER indecisive and can't decide on a fabric! lol And yes, Jax is sporting an old Halloween costume...and yes, I'm in an old sorority t-shirt. WOW, we went all out for the occasion, huh?!?! Actually, we had been drowning in our sweat at the ballpark the entire morning, so forgive us! Elle looked cute, though, and it was all about her. ;)
Happy first birthday, Elle! We LOVE you SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jax Starts School

So in August, my little man started kindergarten. i knew I was going to have a hard time with it since this would be the first time he would be away from me. He has never gone to daycare and I did preschool with him at home. Other than the nursery at church and VBS, this was all new territory for both of us. I could hardly believe that the time was finally here. Wasn't he just born yesterday? Wasn't he just tiny and brand new? People always say how fast time goes because it truly does! It flies. He is no longer a baby, but a little boy and I am trying my best to embrace every stage of their lives rather than wallow in self-pity because they are growing up so fast. Anyway, the time was here and to say that he was excited would be a huge understatement. Trey and I couldn't help, but be thrilled for/with him! I woke him up and made him his favorite breakfast (pancakes), let him watch cartoons for a bit on the Disney channel, got him dressed in his first day of school outfit, and we were on our way. Would you believe me if I told you that I didn't shed one tear until later that afternoon?!?! Well, it's true. I prayed that I wouldn't do the ugly cry and embarrass us all and the good Lord answered my prayers. =) Jax walked right in his class and joined his fellow classmates.. I was so thankful...SO THANKFUL that he wasn't afraid or scared. He has the sweetest little teacher and I just know that he is going to have a wonderful first year at school! Here are some "first day of kindergarten" pictures:

Jax with his teacher:

Here he is the next two mornings just because.=) Yes, he rides the bus against my this day, it is one of his favorite parts of school...what's a mama to do? lol

This precious little girl says days without her big brother are such a snooze!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer 2011

I mean...could I get ANY more creative with the title here?!?! lol I really want to get into this whole blogging thing, but I just can't seem to find the time. Oh well, I'm nothing if not persistent so here I am again... after all this time. =)

Our main man turned 5-years-old and had a blast at his Mario-themed party with all of his family/friends. We love him!!!

My babies celebrated the 4th of July in style. We enjoyed cooking out and watching the local fireworks show with neighbors. A good time was had by all. ;-)

We said goodbye to a beloved member of our family. We love and miss you, Colonel...forever in our hearts.

Jaxon played another season of t-ball and Ellasyn started moving around A LOT.

We made wonderful memories on our annual family vacation to Hilton Head, SC. Jax is a little fish and Elle loved every minute of it, too! They were both as good as gold. They are GREAT travelers - thank goodness!!!

We finished the summer with a few lazy days at the pool, play - dates at The Bounce House, ice cream treats, trips to the park, and new school supplies to prepare Jax for kindergarten...which will be another post for another day. Yep, that about sums up summer 2011. It was the best one yet!