Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After stalking my usual blogs tonight, I realized something. I am SO VERY BLESSED. I mean, I've always known how fortunate and blessed I am to have this life, but I am truly, unequivocally BLESSED from God. I am 25-years-old, healthy (other than getting completely winded while walking up two stairs or even when I talk too fast), and have an amazing family...all by the grace of God. Upon reading about a couple of families who had recently lost their babies, I had to stop reading to catch my breath from all of the sobbing I was doing. I mean, I have a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, PRECIOUS child from God and those families lost their babies. I am SO undeserving of this life that I lead...it makes no sense to me. I can't even begin to fathom why God chose me - hand picked me - to be Jax's mommy. All I know is how grateful I am for his love and generosity. I know that those babies are in a better place tonight. I am so very thankful for my healthy, prince, Jaxon. He is such a blessing in our lives. After I count all of my blessings and thank God for all he has given me, I'm going to dream of my prince...here are a few pics. of him tonight...=)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthdays & Goodbyes...=)/=(

On another note, my friend Shauna threw her 2-year-old, Sophia, a birthday party on Saturday. Jax and I went while Trey stayed with my Nana & Gramps to continue painting the house. The birthday party also kind of served as a going away party for the Grace family as well. In November, her husband, Cory, joined the navy and they are moving on Monday to Oak Harbor, Washington for 3 YEARS! Shauna is truly my only friend in Louisville. She was the first person I met here and we instantly connected! We spent most of our summer days at the pool with our children and we had so much in common. Our kids really enjoyed each other as well! I am going to be SO sad once they're gone. Even though they're only going to be gone for 3 years, when they move again, it will have to be somewhere near another navy base which is still far away from here. =( I already miss Cory, Shauna, Hayden, and Sophia and am awaiting their first trip back home! (They better call me when they come in! ha!)

Bye-Bye, Mint Walls...

We FINALLY started painting our first house! Trey and I were so appreciative that my Nana & Gramps drove all the way here to help us paint over that awful mint green color that was on the majority of the walls in the house! It looks like a brand new house already! I can't wait to see it completely finished! Here are a couple of pictures of the completed rooms. The color on the walls is from Sherwin-Williams and it's called "Rice Grain". I LOVE it!!! I'm also going to "help" the fireplace out a little...pics to come! I'm definitely feeling the pains of my labor today - my neck, shoulders, back, and arms are killing me! ha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer in a nutshell

So...I started this blog a while ago when I was feeling sentimental about my baby growing like a weed and I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about it. While I love following others' blogs (kellyskornerblog.com), I just didn't feel that anyone would want to read about me and all that is going on in my life! However, I made the decision to continue blogging, not for anyone else, but or myself. =) I think I might have kept a diary when I was little, but never seriously. Anyway, there IS a lot going on in my life as of late and so I am going to blog about it. I feel that it will be neat to document these exciting changes in our lives as they unfold! Since it has been a while since my last post, I've decided to make a list to summarize summer 2009. Here it goes...

  • I wrapped up my second-to-last semester of college to kick off the summer! (YAY!)
  • My mom celebrated her (age undisclosed) birthday on May 20th.
  • Trey turned 26(yes, 26...that is 4 years away from being 30...YIKES!!!) on June 2nd.
  • Perhaps the most important event of summer was on June 21st. Our baby boy, Jaxon Trey, turned a whopping 3-years-old (break my heart<3)!!!>
  • One week after Jax turned 3, we took a family vacation (as we do every year) with my parents and my two little brothers to Hilton Head Island, SC. Jax loved it even more this year...he had SUCH a good time!
  • Around that same time, Trey and I began house hunting for our very first house.
  • For the next few weeks, house hunting consumed our lives.
  • We looked at houses.
  • We looked at more houses.
  • And more houses.
  • FINALLY! We found the one! We made and offer and they accepted! We were SO excited to get the ball rolling and start the process! =)
  • On July 19th, my little brother, Ethan, turned 14-years-old! I cannot believe he will be a freshman in high school. I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday...time really does fly (sigh).
  • My stepdad, Sean, also celebrated a birthday on July 23rd.
  • My other little brother, Evan, turned 13-years-old on August 4th. Again, I can remember when he was born...that makes me feel so old!
  • Jax and I went swimming on the very few days that the Kentucky weather would allow. He is SUCH a little fish! I'm SO glad he enjoys the water.
  • On Monday, August 10th, Trey and I closed on our house! WOO HOO!!! (the 2nd most exciting event of summer) I cannot wait to move...or better yet...paint my house! ha!
All in all, summer was pretty exciting for us! We have LOTS more coming up so stay tuned! There will definitely be pics posted of that special little boy in my life and also of our new home. If you're even awake at this point, thanks for reading! I'm really going to get into this from now on so feel free to come back soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who knew poop could be so sentimental?

Yesterday and today have been eye opening for me. See, yesterday I stopped changing diapers. Jax will be 3 in June and its time! I was thinking of all the money we would save by not having to buy diapers and how nice it would be to be able to take him anywhere WITHOUT lugging around a diaper bag for a change. So yesterday morning when Jax woke up and did his ritualistic knocking on his bedroom door and yelling for mommy, I told him, "no more diapers...only big boy underwear from here on out, monkey". What I thought would be such a welcomed change in our lives, has turned out to be rather unwelcomed...for me at least. As a result, I have started this blog.

The first day started off rather rocky. Jax had a few incidents that took us to pair of underwear #4 in about an hour and a half. He finally started to get the hang of things and the rest of the day went rather well! I couldn't quit the diapers cold turkey so I did put one on him during the night. Again this morning, I told him, "no more diapers...only big boy underwear". We had one accident today...ONE!!! That's amazing! Words cannot express how proud of him I am! So why am I feeling so sad?!?!

As a reward for his successful potty training thus far, I took him to play at the park today. As I watched my baby leap and bounce around the playground with his newly made friends, I realized that he is growing up...and fast. Lately, Jax has to feed himself, dress himself, swing by himself, tuck himself into bed, say his prayers by himself, brush his teeth by himself,...you get the picture. It then dawned on me...changing his diaper was ONE last thing that I could do for him to take care of him. He can't change his own diaper. I feel like he doesn't need me anymore and that he's going to need me less and less as the days go by. It is such a scary feeling!

While I know that I can't slow down the hands of time, I hate that he's turning into a little boy so fast. I have been so blessed to be able to stay home with Jax for these few years of his life. I'm so proud of him...he's SO smart! Although I initially welcomed potty training with open arms, I can't help but to view it as robbing me of my maternal duties. =( While I cannot wait for Jax to grow and mature into a big boy, I can...for just a while longer.