Friday, October 21, 2011

Jax Starts School

So in August, my little man started kindergarten. i knew I was going to have a hard time with it since this would be the first time he would be away from me. He has never gone to daycare and I did preschool with him at home. Other than the nursery at church and VBS, this was all new territory for both of us. I could hardly believe that the time was finally here. Wasn't he just born yesterday? Wasn't he just tiny and brand new? People always say how fast time goes because it truly does! It flies. He is no longer a baby, but a little boy and I am trying my best to embrace every stage of their lives rather than wallow in self-pity because they are growing up so fast. Anyway, the time was here and to say that he was excited would be a huge understatement. Trey and I couldn't help, but be thrilled for/with him! I woke him up and made him his favorite breakfast (pancakes), let him watch cartoons for a bit on the Disney channel, got him dressed in his first day of school outfit, and we were on our way. Would you believe me if I told you that I didn't shed one tear until later that afternoon?!?! Well, it's true. I prayed that I wouldn't do the ugly cry and embarrass us all and the good Lord answered my prayers. =) Jax walked right in his class and joined his fellow classmates.. I was so thankful...SO THANKFUL that he wasn't afraid or scared. He has the sweetest little teacher and I just know that he is going to have a wonderful first year at school! Here are some "first day of kindergarten" pictures:

Jax with his teacher:

Here he is the next two mornings just because.=) Yes, he rides the bus against my this day, it is one of his favorite parts of school...what's a mama to do? lol

This precious little girl says days without her big brother are such a snooze!


  1. I saw your Cats comment on Emily Clark's post and I wanted to come over and say hello from a fellow fan! Your profile says you're living in "the big city" is that Lexington or Louisville? I'm in Lexington.

    Your family is adorable!!

  2. Hello! LOVE fellow fans! =) We are right outside of Louisville in Oldham Co., but I will always be a Lexington girl! Born and raised in Lancaster (about 25 min. south of Lex.)! Only moved to the Louisville area for my hubby's job! We were just in Lex. visiting some of our best friends a couple of weekends hubby's best friend is the head football coach at Lafayette High School! How about you? Are you originally from the Lex. area?

  3. I went to Lafayette...16 years ago (: The head coach isn't Dallas Kingsolver, is it? I know he's "a" coach but I'm not sure if he's the head coach.

    So, yes, I'm from Lexington and obviously still live here. Nice to meet you!

  4. The head coach now is Carl Hayden. He and his wife both teach there! I dream of the day we live in Lexington! ha! Probably won't happen, though. My hubby seems to be at a job he'll probably be at for a while! I love where we live now, but would like to be closer to home!

    It's nice to meet you, too!


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