Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a BUSY Halloween this year...trunk-or-treat with the church, trick-or-treating in costumes around Jaxon's school, and trick-or-treating with friends around our neighborhood! We had a blast and wound up with a ton of candy! Lucky for Daddy & I, Jax doesn't do anything with peanut butter/peanuts (weird kid, I know!!!) so we even got some goodies! ;-) We paint pumpkins at the Perkins house instead of carving. Those carving kits are so cheap...we always end-up breaking them anyway, so we just paint! Mama is able to get more creative with the paint!

Last year, Jax dressed up as Mario so we had a Luigi pumpkin. Sister had a baby pumpkin...a pacifier and big, pink bow completed the look. Here they were for Halloween 2009:

This year, Jaxon was Toad from Super Mario Bros. and Elle was a sweet little watermelon! Jax opted for a Mario pumpkin (this kid knows how to milk a death! haha!) and baby sister got a sweet black kitty. Here are my littles this year for Halloween 2011:

Here they are with their pumpkins before trick-or-treating:

Sister was in a LOVELY mood. I was going to make her pumpkin a know, to match her Halloween shirt with the witch's hat...I'm thinking that would've been more appropriate! ;-)

I love these two!!!

Just for kicks, here are some pics. from Jaxon in his first few Halloween costumes:

a sweet little lion!

a rotten little skunk!

our silly little monkey!

That's right, Troy P.!!!! My hubby is a BIG Steeler's fan. =) Check out this hair! (no, that is not a little girl under's my sweet boy with a wig that I found to complete the look!)
we also had this costume that year:
one can't have too many Halloween costumes! lol

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. Boy do I know about the good mood fairy! My littlest, Sawyer, was only content being held the entire night and being held by Mommy alone!

    LOVE the costumes!

  2. Emily- I wanted to let you know that you won the cinnamon rolls giveaway on my blog, Honey We're Home:) Please shoot me your email address so I can put you in touch with the owner and she can send you the cinnamon rolls:)


    p.s. your family is adorable!!!


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