Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Missin' My Little Man...

Tonight, I'm missing this little guy right here!  He has left us to go and stay with his "Apple & Papaw" (my parents) for the week.  He was BEYOND excited and gets spoiled ROTTEN while there.  I'm sure as we speak, his Uncle Ethan is building him a huge track for all of the Thomas the Trains OR he's watching Uncle Evan & Uncle Ethan play their PS3....and he's perfectly happy doing just that! ha! I'm sure Bitty won't mind being the only child around here for the next week - this little lady LOVES her some attention. =) Good thing her Daddy and I don't mind giving it to her!

This little guy is such a sweet child and a great big brother. It's a pleasure being his Mama and I'm going to miss him something terrible this week! =)

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